It was in May 1958 when Rev. Henry L. Bradley was called to pastor the Zion Hill family. Under his leadership and the cooperation of the deacons, trustees, and members, the church prospered spiritually and financially. During Rev. Bradley’s pastorate the mortgage was burned.

Also, a new lighting system was added, the building was stuccoed; the front was brick veneered, new non-cushioned wooden pews were added, an educational building (two-levels) were constructed with living quarters for the pastoral family. The parsonage was fully furnished and the land adjacent to the church was purchased. During this period of additions, the sanctuary pews were cushioned and a baptistery was added. (Notes: prior to this time, baptisms took place in Lake Lorna Doone on Church Street). The pulpit was remodeled, carpet was laid in the sanctuary, the dining room and kitchen were furnished and a new roof was placed on the sanctuary. All of these improvements were paid in full and at the time the church was debt free.

More important than all accomplishments, many souls were added to the church. The membership of the church increased to seven hundred (700). Under Rev. Bradley’s tenure the following Deacons served and/or were ordained:

Deacon A.M. Johnson (deceased)
Deacon C.L. Mincey (deceased)
Deacon Arzie Gaines (deceased)
Deacon Bobbie Freeman (deceased)
Deacon Ray Forshee (deceased)
Deacon B.H. Evans (deceased)
Deacon Azzie Kinsey (deceased)
Deacon Jesse Jordan (deceased)
Deacon Jesse Allen (deceased)
Deacon A. Johns (deceased)
Deacon Joe Leonard (deceased)
Deacon C.L. McClary (deceased)
Deacon Samuel Bryant (deceased)
Deacon Nathan Johnson (present)
Deacon Thomas Leonard (deceased)
Deacon Jethro Leach (deceased)
Deacon Johnathan Jackson (deceased)